Miss Korea 2018 Closed Her Instagram After Receiving Tons Of Hate Messages

“She is so average though… How is she Miss Korea?”

A 23-year-old Miss Gyeonggi winner Soo Min Kim was throned the 62nd Miss Korea in the 2018 Miss Korea Contest. She will be taking home the winning prize of $90K, half of which is a scholarship.

“Thank you for the honorable prize. I will continue to work hard.” — Soo Min Kim


As soon as she won, her name trended on Korean search engines and her social media platform saw a spike in visitors. As the face to represent Korea, Soo Min Kim received a lot of attention — including hatred and criticism.


Soo Min Kim had shut down her Instagram account to private, in an attempt to deal with the malicious comments in the comments section.

A day since, the account has been set back to public, with “2018 MISS KOREA 眞” added to her profile. Most of the malicious comments have been deleted.


Some Korean netizens stirred up a heated debate over whether she “deserved” to win Miss Korea.

  • “Honestly, my own sister is prettier than she is.”

  • “She’s Miss Korea…? She looks like my next door neighbor.”

  • “She had some interesting aspects… but not Miss Korea worthy.”

  • “She is so average though… How is she Miss Korea?”

  • “LMAO What is this nonsense! She looks 30 years old.”


Others even began to question the nature of the beauty pageant itself.

  • “Why are we still evaluating women by their looks and bodies? When is this ‘contest’ going to shut down?”

  • “Miss Korea has long turned into a beauty pageant to pick who has had the most plastic surgery done. How meaningless!”

  • “An Instagram ‘influencer’ was one of the judges. So much to the legitimacy of this contest. Miss Korea is dead.”

  • “I honestly wonder how f*cking amazing these haters look to be criticizing her appearance so much like this.”


Soo Min Kim claimed she wants to become an international reporter. Koreans wonder, however, if she will continue to pursue that dream as previous Miss Koreas like Honey Lee, Kim Sa Rang, and Kim Sung Ryung have picked up acting and turned into successful celebrities.

Source: Sports Seoul