JYP confirms Suzy’s Solo Debut, MV already filmed

Suzy is putting on the finishing touches for her coming debut as a solo singer 

Last October, JYP Entertainment shut down rumors of her solo debut stating, “It’s true there had always been discussions about Suzy’s solo album but nothing has been decided or started.” The company seems to be, however, finalizing the details of her solo debut.

According to Korean media STM, multiple entertainment personnel stated on December 1st that, “Suzy left for Hong Kong on November 25th to take part in a jewelry brand event as a model. However, she also filmed her solo album MV and album jacket there as well. Suzy is extremely busy at the moment aiming to release the album at the end of December or at the beginning of next year. As this is her first solo album she is giving it her all to the very last detail.”

JYP later confirmed this news stating, “It is true that Suzy has been working on a solo album with recording as well as shooting MVs and album jackets. However no dates have yet been discussed for the release.”

Suzy has formerly proven her prowess as a singer by partaking in OST for dramas she was cast in such as “Gu Family Book” and “Uncontrollably Fond”

Source: Asia Finance, Daily Finance