miss A’s Suzy reveals her father will be opening a Taekwondo academy

With word of the family of miss A’s Suzy moving from Gwangju to Seoul, JYP Entertainment has released an official statement clarifying those reports. 

On September 26th, JYP Entertainment told officials, “Suzy’s father is going to open up a Taekwondo academy in the Seocho district in Seoul. Suzy lives in Samseong-Dong, and her mother comes to Seoul from their home in Gwangju often to look after her. However, their family will not be moving due to the situation of her brother who is still attending school in Gwangju.” 

Suzy, who has been busy with group and individual activities, made a comeback with miss A earlier in the year with their song “Only You.” She was also offered to play the lead role in the drama Cheese in the Trap, but decided to turn down the offer. The idol has also been actively promoting her upcoming movie Street Painter in the meantime.

Source: Osen