miss A’s Suzy rumored to drop solo debut album this December

A rumor has quickly spread online regarding the solo debut of miss A‘s Suzy.

As one of JYP Entertainment‘s top stars, Suzy received top CF contracts as a model as she continued to branch out as an actress on top of her duties as a member of girl group miss A. With all her success, it seems only obvious that she would eventually follow a new path as a soloist on the stage.

Recently, a Korean media portal reported that Suzy was confirmed to be making a solo debut as soon as December. However, a follow-up report cited JYP Entertainment denying the rumors on September 29th, saying, “It hasn’t been determined.”

But there may be hope for Suzy fans yet as the agency continues, “Suzy’s solo has been discussed for a long time now. It’s true that it’s under discussion but no realistic progress is being made at the moment.”

Source: Sports Donga and 10Asia