miss A’s Suzy To Star In Her Own Reality Show As Part of Solo Promotions

JYP Entertainment is launching full-scale promotions for miss A Suzy’s solo career and a reality show following her life is in the works. 

According to broadcasting officials, the reality program titled “Off the Record, Suzy”, will contain exclusive clips from Suzy’s day-to-day activities. The concept is described as Suzy’s version of Mnet’s Off The Record, Hyori broadcast, back in 2008.

On the show, Suzy will provide glimpses into her private life and let viewers in on some of her personal activities. Since the program is tailored to her upcoming promotions, there will surely be footage of her journey as a solo artist.

An official revealed that “we will be able to see a new side of Suzy not seen in the past through this program”. 

Suzy is also currently promoting her debut album as a solo artist titled, Yes? No? 

Watch the previews for Suzy’s new show below:

Source: DongA