missA’s Min Has Signed An Exclusive Contract With K-Tigers E&C

She’s officially signed with the company.

Former missA member Min has officially signed an exclusive contract with K-Tigers E&C. They plan to support her through her current activities as well as for global projects.

Min first debuted back in 2010 in JYP Entertainment as a member of missA after seven years of training. She saw fame and popularity when the group’s debut song “Bad Girl Good Girl” hit the top of the charts. The group is also well known for songs such as “Hush”, “Good Bye Baby”, “Breathe”, and “Touch.”

Min left the company on November 19, 2017, which ultimately lead to the disbandment of missA. She has been without a company until now.

K-Tigers is a company aiming for global exposure, most commonly using taekwondo. They are also an entertainment company that is involved in contents production planning, entertainment, and management business.

Source: Daum