Missy Elliott Teases At Possibility Of A BTS Collab, And Now Fans Are Excited AF

We need BTS x Missy Elliott ASAP! 💜

It was recently announced that BTS would be releasing a new version of “Butter” with Megan Thee Stallion. Fans went crazy picking artists they would love to see the group collaborate with. It isn’t the first time that rumors have been flying with ARMYs finding hints about possible collaborations with Elton JohnJ-Lo, and a lot more.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

After all of that, it seems like a new face is being added to that list of collaborations fans need to see, and that person is global megastar Missy Elliott!

Missy Elliott | @missymisdemeanorelliot/ Instagram

The rapper, singer, songwriter, and all-round talent recently went on social media and answered fan’s questions and comments to her. In particular, one of the tweets seemed to gain attention from Missy Elliott, and it was a user asking for her to collaborate with BTS.

When the user tweeted it, she probably didn’t expect a reply from one of the most iconic musicians in history. Yet, not only did she get a reply, but it was one that had fans in a frenzy. Upon seeing the tweet, Missy Elliott replied, “Of course that would be their call I’m down 4 sho.

If that wasn’t enough, when several ARMYs continued to tweet her in excitement about the idea of the collaboration, she replied to them with a series of purple hearts. Although Missy Elliott has used them before in tweets, many thought it was more evidence that not only is she a BTS fan, but there might be something in the cards.

It’s not the first time that ARMYs have been dying for a collaboration between the two. Earlier in the year, someone posted a mashup of BTS’s “MIC Drop” and Missy Elliott’s “Get Your Freak On.”

It not only went viral, but the artist herself noticed the video and commented with three fire emojis. If the Queen herself noticed it and liked it, then a real-life collaboration would be even better!

With fans more than excited at the idea of a collaboration between the two acts, it seems like the decision lies with BTS. Hopefully, once travel restrictions ease and artists can travel, it might be more likely. In the meantime, make sure to watch the full fan-made mashup of “MIC Drop” and “Get Your Freak On” below.

Source: MissyElliot