Mister International Korea 2018 Played BTS During Their Underwear Photoshoot

What better way to represent South Korea than semi-naked men jamming to BTS?

The organizers of the Mister International Korea 2018 contest clearly believe BTS and a horde of hot men are all that is needed to represent South Korea’s diverse talents.


The Korean leg of the international male beauty pageant kicked off two weeks ago, with 27 finalists vying for the chance to represent their country in 2018. The camp began with an “orientation” meeting with 2017’s Mister International winner Lee Seung Hwan.


The underwear photo shoot including a group shot of all the men in the competition – and a behind-the-scenes clip revealed that the soundtrack was BTS’s “Anpanman”.


In another video posted by AAVEC Studio, the official videographer of the event, the opening whistle of BTS’s “DNA” can be heard as contestants get ready before the shoot.

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Perhaps Mister International Korea’s CEO Ricky Junghoon Jun is a secret A.R.M.Y?

CEO Ricky Junghoon Jun with Mister International 2017 Lee Seung Hwan.