Netizens Have Mixed Reactions About Jack Harlow’s “Problematic” Verses On BTS Jungkook’s “3D”

Many found Jack Harlow’s verse offensive and derogatory.

BTS Jungkook‘s new collaboration single “3D” featuring American rapper Jack Harlow is out now.

While it was highly anticipated, the song has been met with mixed reactions, primarily due to Jack Harlow’s verses.

ARMYs were caught off guard the moment Jack Harlow’s verse began as it included Jungkook’s name. Some thought it was fire, while others thought it was weird and cringe.

I’m on my Jung Kook, take a chick off one look
And when they get took, they don’t ever get untook (What?)
When I seen that body, you would think it was a dead body
The way I told my boys, “Come look”
I used to take girls up to Stony Brook
And steal they hearts like some crook, true story
Now when I hold somebody’s hand, it’s a new story

— Jack Harlow, “3D”

Still, this was the least concerning of all Jack Harlow’s lines.

In one of Jack Harlow’s verses, he talks about the number of women he has because “one girl is too boring.” He says, “Now you wh*ring,” but he is talking to himself. Still, this rubbed people the wrong way because even if he isn’t referring to the women as wh*res, having multiple women (with even a long line behind him in the MV) felt objectifying to many women listeners.

I had one girl (One girl), too boring
Two girls (Two girls), that was cool for me
Three girls, damn, dude’s horny
Four girls, okay, now you whorin’
(Hey, hey, hey) Hey, I’m loose
I done put these shrooms to good use
I done put my city on my back
And the world know my name, I’m the truth

— Jack Harlow, “3D”

The line that has sparked the most controversy is the line before this in which Harlow says, “All my ABGs get cute for me.” 

Some listeners were confused about what “ABG” meant. So, they looked it up, and Google defined it as “Arterial Blood Gas,” so they were even more puzzled by this.

Yet, Asian listeners were well aware of its true meaning in the song’s context. It is an acronym for “Asian Baby Girl.”

Many found Jack Harlow’s use of “ABG” problematic, calling it derogatory and offensive. They pointed out its historic origins and how it shouldn’t be used lightly.

Some defended the “ABG” term, saying that it’s now been reclaimed, and many find pride in self-identifying it. So, they were not offended by it.

Still, most had issues with it, especially as it came from a White man’s mouth. Also, no actual “Asian Baby Girls” were featured in the music video. So, it felt odd to include such a lyric.

A lot of people were uncomfortable about both the “ABG” and “dead body” lines, so much so that they just didn’t like Harlow’s verses at all. So, there are ARMYs who are opting to listen to the Alternate version of “3D.”


On the other hand, ARMYs had nothing but praise for Jungkook. While they felt Jack Harlow’s lines were objectifying toward women, they appreciated that Jungkook’s lyrics emphasized the importance of consent.

Check out more ARMY reactions below.

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