Netizens Have Mixed Opinions Over NewJeans Danielle’s Outfit And Styling at Recent YSL Beauty Event

What do you think of her styling?

Since their debut, NewJeans have often gained attention because of their dynamic performances and thought-provoking concepts.

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Their fashion looks have been just as discussed, with member Danielle recently making headlines for her gorgeous visuals.

NewJeans’s Danielle

On January 18 (KST), Danielle attended a special event for Yves Saint Laurent in Seoul. Her visuals were unmatched as media took photos of her arrival, showing that her face card never declines!

Fan-taken photos also captured her beauty, showing her naturally stunning looks.

Danielle wore a velvet blazer suit set and debuted a somewhat new hairstyle reminiscent of the very popular wolf cut

K-netizens in online forums and fans praised Danielle for her looks, saying that she looked gorgeous and that her aura pulled them in.

Other fans online had mixed feelings about her outfit and hairstyling, saying they both aged her unnecessarily and that her beauty made the entire look. Particularly, fans felt the haircut was not done well.

Many of NewJean’s earlier looks came under fire for being age-inappropriate, so this look, regardless of personal preference, works into their age-appropriate styling choices as of late.

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Although her outfit and styling pulled mixed reactions, everyone agrees that Danielle is naturally gorgeous and wants the stylists to emphasize that.


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