MIXNINE Agencies Cannot Accept YG’s Unreasonable 3 Year Contract Proposal

“The plan does not offer any benefits to the original agencies or the members in the end.”

YG has previously offered a 3-year contract to the winning team of MIXNINE, which everyone has seemed to have viewed as unreasonable, if not crazy.

YG Offers 3 Year Contract To MIXNINE Winning Team, Netizens Think He’s “Insane”


YG initially pitched that, the group will work with YG Entertainment for 6 months and their original agencies for the remaining 6 months, and they will continue this for 3 years.


However, some of the agencies just could not accept this offer.

For the agencies who generally sign 7-year contracts with the idols, 3 years is almost half of their entire time managing the idols and there is no guarantee that their promotions as MIXNINE will end at that. In addition, the idols who are already members of their own team are most likely to feel physical and mental strain while promoting as members of two teams.


From the agencies’ perspective, there would be no guarantee of making a profit even if the title “YG” is used. An affiliate of one of the original agencies stated their opinion about the situation.

“The plan does not offer any benefits to the original agencies or the members in the end.” ㅡ Agency Affiliate


Amid this uncertain situation, there have even been talks of a MIXNINE Season 2. Reactions have unsurprisingly been negative about both the 3 year plan, as well as the possible 2nd season.

  • “I would hate it too if I were an entertainment label… I hope he gives up and just creates a statement that there’s been a change of plan.”
  • “Wtf he’s really just all about himself and does what he wants to do…”
  • “I hope they didn’t sign any contracts yet…”
  • “What kind of label CEO would agree to a half-year contract for 3 years… Please…”
Source: TV Daily and Instiz
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