Former MIXNINE Contestant Posts Criticism, Netizens Suspect He’s Roasting Seungri

“Thanks for teaching me that I should always be humble – that I learned.”

Be.A‘s Yeongkyun, also known for his appearance on the audition show MIXNINE, posted some words of criticism on his Instagram and the captions now have the netizens guessing he’s roasting Seungri for the recent “Burning Sun” controversy.

While Yeongkyun does not address anyone specifically in this post, he initially included hashtags #BurningSun, #DateRapeDrugs, and #Prostitution – which obviously hint that the content of the post are in relation to Seungri and his current issues. The hashtags are now deleted, but the post is still visible on Yeongkyun’s page.

Yeongkyun wrote, “You wanted to advise me as a ‘sunbae’ so you humiliated me in front of everyone including the staff. You told me, ‘Aren’t we the same age? If you’ve still not made something of yourself, wouldn’t it be about time for you to go learn a different trade?’ And you said I should make money and be useful to my family… But look at how you’re standing in front of the entire nation now. I’m always good to my family, by the way 🙂 It’s not money that makes me useful, haha. Thanks for teaching me that I should always be humble – that I learned. :-)”

Netizens suspect that Seungri, who is in fact a senior idol to Be.A and is the same age as Yeongkyun, must have said these alleged things to Yeongkyun while the two were on the show MIXNINE together.

Yeongkyun has not yet admitted or denied whether his latest Instagram post had indeed been directed at Seungri. Meanwhile, Seungri is undergoing investigations happening around the Burning Sun assault and related drug scandals.

Source: Dispatch