MIXNINE’s Park Soomin Will Be Debuting With Dream Note This September

Park Sumin will be debuting with the group Dream Note!

The entertainment company, iMe Korea, has announced the official name of the girl group that MIXNINE’s Park Soomin will be debuting with.

The new 7-member girl group is set to debut in September.


Park Soomin was one of the female finalists on the K-Pop survival program, MIXNINE, on which she garnered much popularity and support from viewers.

She was one of the top 3 contestants on the female team.


Seven months later, her debut has finally been confirmed through the girl group named Dream Note.


The girl group’s official Twitter has continuously been giving updates including photos as well as videos of the girls.


They have even done a few covers of BTS songs!

Stay tuned for updates!

Source: News1