Mizuhara Kiko Reveals She Was Sexually Harassed, Speaks Up For The #MeToo Movement

Popular model Mizuhara Kiko revealed the details of the time when she was sexually harassed as a young model. She urges others to stand up in support too.

Popular Japanese model, Mizuhara Kiko, spoke up on behalf of the #MeToo Movement in Japan by opening up about her own experiences, where she was sexually harassed in the industry.

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Mizuhara Kiko is also a good friend of BIGBANG’s G-Dragon.


When Mizuhara Kiko was in her early 20’s, she took part in a photoshoot that required her to be naked from the waist up while covering her chest with her hands.

This photo has not been confirmed to be the time Mizuhara Kiko’s story is referring to.


While she was already uncomfortable with her nakedness, about 20 high-level employees came to the studio to see her pose. She told the staff that she didn’t want so many people in the room when she was naked but they denied her saying that they had to be in the room to check on the quality of the shots.

This photo has not been confirmed to be the time Mizuhara Kiko’s story is referring to.


She felt she couldn’t contradict them more since it was her job, and so, she was forced to show her naked self to so many strangers.

This photo has not been confirmed to be the time Mizuhara Kiko’s story is referring to.


She shared her experience through her Instagram story.

Screenshot and translation of Mizuhara Kiko’s Instagram story.


Mizuhara Kiko was able to gain the courage to stand up for the #MeToo Movement after reading an article where a fellow model named KaoRi shared her story about being sexually harassed for years.

KaoRi photographed by Nobuyoshi Araki.


KaoRi was a well-known muse to the award-winning photographer, Nobuyoshi Araki. However, KaoRi recently revealed that Nobuyoshi Araki frequently forced her to take part in nude shoots while strangers came into the studio to watch.

KaoRi photographed with Nobuyoshi Araki.


She was often unpaid, her consent and consultation was often ignored, and she felt mentally, physically and emotionally abused by the photographer.

KaoRi photographed by Nobuyoshi Araki.


After reading KaoRi’s story, Mizuhara Kiko defended KaoRi’s claims as she had also worked with Nobuyoshi Araki in the past.

Mizuhara Kiko’s work with Nobuyoshi Araki.

“Araki, what do women mean to you? Did you have to mentally abuse KaoRi, who was your muse for such a long time? I don’t know if you were simply too dull to know that you were mentally abusing her, but as someone who’s also worked with you multiple times, I don’t feel regret for you.” — Mizuhara Kiko


Mizuhara Kiko called out to everyone in the industry to also be aware of what’s going on and speak up in support of the #MeToo Movement.

“I wish every young model, women, and men in the industry to read this. Models aren’t objects. Women aren’t sexual tools. I hope everyone can share their hearts and never forget.” — Mizuhara Kiko

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