MLD Claims Daisy’s Mom Threatened Them Multiple Times, Denies Claims That MOMOLAND Was Rigged

They plan to take Daisy and her mom to court.

Daisy, a former member of MOMOLAND, recently revealed that her previous agency, MLD Entertainment, had rigged the survival audition show Finding MOMOLAND and had made the members pay for its production fees.

MLD decided to respond by denying her claims.

While finalizing the members from Finding MOMOLAND, there were no manipulation of the votes nor other cheating methods.

At the time, we had to gather 3,000 audience members for the group’s debut, but we were unable to meet the conditions so their debut was cancelled. So it’s impossible to say that it was rigged.

— MLD Entertainment


They also responded to why Daisy was kept as a trainee and then joined the group later on. The CEO saw a potential in Daisy and wanted to keep her with the company.

In regards to Daisy’s addition to the group, the eliminated trainees had their contracts terminated but the CEO saw potential in Daisy and suggested that she stay.

— MLD Entertainment


MLD revealed that Daisy’s mom had been threatening the agency since last year. The company believes she decided to take the drastic action of going on a video interview to defame their company solely because the company did not respond to her alleged threats.

MLD is planning to take Daisy and her mom to court, and they expressed their disappointment in KBS for not fully reporting their side of the story.

Daisy’s mom has continued to threaten our company multiple times since last year. Since we did not respond to her threats, we believe she chose to take his offensive action.

We have the evidence to fight against all of Daisy’s claims, and we plan to take legal action against them.

Also, we are deeply disappointed in KBS who continued to report a one sided story despite our explanations from the very beginning.

— MLD Entertainment


Daisy joined MOMOLAND in March 2017, a year after the group’s debut. Daisy has been on an indefinite hiatus since early 2019. She is currently in a dispute with the agency over the termination of her contract.

Source: Newsen