MLD Entertainment Informs There Was No Manipulation During “Finding Momoland” Survival Program

They made it clear once again.

MLD Entertainment released an official statement online regarding the news that was released by KBS News 9 on January 7, 2020. The agency posted this message to clarify that the news was false and that there was no manipulation during the survival program.

Below is the full statement regarding the agency’s position.

Hello this is MLD Entertainment. On January 7, 2020, KBS ‘News 9’ reported that there was manipulation in the member selection process during Mnet’s ‘Finding Momoland’ program, which aired for two months starting in July 2016, and that the agency admitted to the allegations.

— MLD Entertainment


Through the legal team, we requested a formal apology and prompt correction regarding KBS’s malicious and biased report to the court and the Media Arbitration Committee. The court ruled in our favor and on December 25, KBS News 9 reported the correct information at the end of the broadcast.

— MLD Entertainment 


We would like to inform you once again that there was no manipulation in the member selection process of the program and that it was conducted through a fair procedure. Thank you to everyone who believed and supported us.

— MLD Entertainment

Source: sports khan