Mnet To Add ‘Observer System’ To Improve Fairness Of Future Audition Programs

Let’s hope that another controversy does not happen.

On November 6, Mnet’s Produce 101 series director Ahn Joon Young admitted to the manipulation of the results of both Produce X 101 in 2019 and Produce 48 in 2018.




Mnet reported that the show World Klass does not have text message votes. Unlike the Produce series, the members are chosen through expert evaluations, missions, and V Live votes, and the new member are announced weekly. Mnet commented, “10 of the 20 trainees will debut with none of the contestants being from agencies.”




Mnet also revealed plans on how to improve future audition programs.

They have introduced the ‘observer system’ with the Queendom and Show Me The Money shows, which allow ordinary people to oversee the text votes and confirm the final results. They believe that this new system is an excellent method to create a fair system. They plan on using a technique that showcases the contestants’ talents for their new program releasing next year.




They also added, “We truly apologize for all the recent controversy caused by Mnet. We think it’s only right to bring an alternative method for future programs.”

Let’s hope that there are no more controversies for future programs from Mnet!

Source: money today