Mnet Confirms IZ*ONE And X1 Will Not Attend 2019 MAMA In Japan

They will not be attending.

On November 26, Mnet made an official announcement stating that IZ*ONE and X1 will not be performing at the 2019 MAMA in Japan.


Previously, PD Ahn Joon Young was arrested for manipulating votes for the Produce series. Police revealed that the votes sent in and the votes displayed were different. Ahn Joon Young admitted to manipulating the votes for Produce 101 Seasons 1 and 2 as well as Produce 48 and Produce X 101.


X1 was created through Produce X 101 and IZ*ONE through Produce 48. IZ*ONE has currently delayed their comeback and showcase. X1 also did not attend the 2019 V Live Awards V Heartbeat.


X1 also held a meeting with Mnet to discuss the future of the group. Mnet made it clear that nothing has been decided yet and that they will have to hold more meetings before they come to a final decision.

The 2019 MAMA will take place on December 4 at the Nagoya Dome.

Source: sports chosun