Mnet’s Content Page Suggests An Upcoming Reality Show Featuring ITZY And Potentially 3 Other Groups

There has been a lot of speculation regarding ITZY and Mnet.

Fans browsing Mnet’s website have spotted an interesting addition to their content page which outlines the station’s upcoming shows.

The page seems to suggest that ITZY will be featuring in a reality show. The show will apparently be 60 minutes per episode and will have between 6-8 episodes and additional clips from the show will be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube.

The feature also seems to suggest that ATEEZ, EVERGLOW and GOT7 will also be appearing on the show.

Nothing is confirmed as of yet and ITZY has also been linked with the upcoming girl-group survival show Queendom which will feature six girl groups competing against each other during their comebacks. With all the speculation afoot, it seems ITZY will be featuring on Mnet in some capacity over the coming months.