Mnet’s “COVID-19 Disinfection” At 2020 MAMA Sparks Controversy For “Being Thoughtless”

Some even called out the disinfecting staff’s outfit.

With Korea’s COVID-19 cases rising, the pandemic remained a real threat at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).

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Though the hosting party, Mnet, attempted to incorporate some preventative steps, like spraying the area with disinfectant between each use, the caution and concern were at an all time high.

While the idea was appreciated, Korean netizens eventually grew uncomfortable with the process. Some pointed out, “Spraying disinfectant isn’t as effective as wiping down with it” and called out the “uselessness” of this extra step.

And… isn’t it kind of dangerous for them to be spraying all that disinfectant like that, when the other people on stage aren’t wearing masks? Disinfectant shouldn’t be inhaled. I’m baffled by the proximity…

— Netizen

Others questioned the necessity of dressing the staff in a skin-tight suit and heels.


I don’t think there is a single person out there who would have been like, “Why is that person not wearing something fancy?” had the disinfecting staff showed up in protective hazmat suits.

These people are trying to save lives… but let’s put them in really uncomfortable full-body suits and tip-toe heels. And let’s have them go at this for six hours…? Like where is your brain, Mnet?

— Netizen

All in all, netizens criticized Mnet for “pretending like they care about disinfection“, when “the disinfecting staff’s nonsense outfit clearly shows they simply consider act to be a part of the show.”

Here’s how they’re “disinfecting” at the 2020 MAMA. Would it not have been better to wear masks or install dividers? Doesn’t spraying the disinfectant into the air like that make everyone inhale it? Was there an absolute need to dress the disinfecting staff to wear a skin-tight outfit? I have so many questions about MAMA’s disinfecting process. It’s like they’re putting on a show, what is the point?

— Netizen

On the other hand, international fans are rooting for what has since been nicknamed “The Disinfecting Silver People”.

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Most argued, “Even if their method of choice may not be as effective, it should be appreciated that the show put in the effort and tried to make the most of the situation at hand.

These disinfecting silver people have been the highlight of 2020 MAMA. They did what they had to do.

— Netizen

As for the outfit, long-time MAMA fans have come to the show’s defense and claimed that “the futuristic cyberpunk-like theme” is an overarching one for all MAMAs in the past.

2015 MAMA in Hong Kong.

With a recent scare in the K-Pop scene though, netizens remain divided and sensitive about the issue.

Source: theqoo