Police Reportedly Preparing To Investigate Mnet’s Executives For Involvement In The Voting Manipulation

Many believe Mnet’s higher ups knew of the manipulation.

MBC’s News Desk recently covered the news about Ahn Joon Young PD, who was the producer for the Produce 101 series. He was arrested and later confessed to manipulating the final rankings for PRODUCE X 101 and PRODUCE 48.


MBC pointed out that CJ ENM and Mnet has been distancing themselves from the case, explaining that the PD was the only one at fault. However, the police arrested Kim Yong Bum, the CP of the Produce 101 series and a higher up to Ahn Joon Young PD.

After realizing that the crime extended above the PD rank, the police are reportedly planning on investigating more higher ups in Mnet.


The original plaintiff in the case related to the voting manipulation claims that the issue is beyond Ahn Joon Young PD and the companies behind the show need to be investigated as well.

CJ ENM most likely managed and directed it, so the investigation shouldn’t end as the result of one individual. They need to investigate the corporate behind it.

— Plaintiff

Source: Star News