Mnet explains the reason behind iKON’s exclusion from their M! Countdown chart

Mnet has responded to criticisms after it excluded debuting artists iKON off their charts after the move was questioned by the fans and YG Entertainment

In an official statement released on September 24th, a representative from Mnet explained that the debuting idol group was excluded from the charts due to inactivity. According to Mnet, M! Countdown music chart is different to other broadcast charts as it only targets on promote tracks. Since, iKON’s “My Type” is not being promoted at the moment, they have decided to exclude it from their rankings.

The move left fans confused as “My Type” remained on top of charts since its release but was not included in Mnet’s list of rankings.

Mnet apologised for the confusion caused and promised to focus their attention on improving their charts once more.

YG Entertainment also expressed their suspicions on the issue as BIGBANG appeared on the charts, despite not having fully promoted the track. The agency compared it to iKON’s warm up single release who succeed to remain #1 for six days, but was left out to the official ranking of the broadcasting agency.

Red Velvet took their fifth win for this week’s M! Countdown with second place was awarded to CNBLUE with “Cinderella,” followed by Fly To The Sky‘s “It Happens To Be That Way,” Jessi‘s “SSENUNNIE,” Junjin‘s “Wow Wow Wow,”SEVENTEEN‘s “Manse,” Kangnam‘s “Chocolate,” MONSTA X‘s “Rush,” DIA‘s “Somehow,” and UP10TION‘s “So Dangerous” respectively.

Source: DongA and DailySports