Mnet Accused Of Snubbing Stray Kids, Manipulating Fans, And More

STAYs are calling out Mnet on social media.

Mnet is receiving criticism from STAYs for allegedly snubbing Stray Kids, using the group’s popularity to manipulate fans, and more.

On October 29, Mnet announced this year’s list of nominee for the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Stray Kids is one of several popular K-Pop groups who did not receive nominations. ASTRO, CIX, Dreamcatcher, EVERGLOW, GFRIEND, (G)I-DLE, KARD, LOONA, The Boyz, and more were not nominated this year.

Despite their talent, popularity, and record-breaking music, Stray Kids have not been nominated for a MAMA award since their debut year. In 2018, they were nominated for MAMA‘s “Mwave Global Fan’s Choice” for “My Pace” as well as “Artist of the Year”. They won the award for “Best New Male Artist”.

In addition to allegedly “snubbing” Stray Kids at MAMA, fans are accusing Mnet of using Stray Kids as a form of clickbait for Season 9 of the rap competition show Show Me the Money. Many viewers felt deceived by the show’s editing and advertising.

Rapper Changbin appeared as a notable contestant, but he was eliminated in the Rapper Selection Round early on in the show.

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Fans who are upset by this turn of events are voicing their frustration on social media. Shortly after Changbin’s elimination, “mnet” became a top trending topic on Twitter.

Even so, STAYs are discouraging their fandom from taking their discontent too far. There is a fine line between criticism and hate comments that these fans are urging others not to cross.

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