Mnet To Launch A New Hip-Hop Survival Show

It’s their first new program for 2020.

Mnet will be launching their first survival show of the year, a hip-hop program centered around the revival of Korean hip-hop.

The show is called Do You Know Hip-Hop (literal title) and will feature veteran Korean rappers who were active in the late 1990s and 2000s who pioneered the hip-hop culture.

Seo Taiji

The point of the show is to show-off the talents of veteran K-Pop idols, who shook the hearts of the youth back then and to show their charms and swag. They aim to show their passion for hip-hop through this program. It will also give viewers in their 30s nostalgia, as they plan to get the top rappers of their era.


The show is produced by the crew in charge of previous hip-hop survival shows High School Rapper and Show Me The Money. The air date has yet to be released.

Source: Sports Donga