Mnet Reveals The 3 Idols Featured In Their New Variety Show “Running Girls”

Follow Sunmi, YooA, and Chuu on an inspiring run!

On November 19, Mnet announced its new variety series Running GirlThe series will be composed of a female idol cast in which they will form a running crew together.  

Though the idols will be running, they will be stopping frequently to engage in deep conversations about life and their friendship. Ultimately, the show is using the “run-trip” technique where individuals run in search of new aspiring places to run along.

At a time when it feels like you have to keep running to stay ahead of the competition, this show will offer a chance to look back and see if you’re running on the right track. We will do our best to offer a precious chance to boost mental and physical health through the running crew. 

Running Girls’ production crew

The cast of the new show was not revealed until 4 days after the teaser. On November 23, Mnet released 3 teasers giving each idol their own clip. 

The cast is made up of these three idols:

1. Sunmi

 2. LOONA‘s Chuu

3. Oh My Girl‘s YooA. 

Be sure to tune in at 7:50 p.m KST on December 9, 2020, for the show’s first episode. 

Watch the teaser for the variety show below:




Source: Osen