Mnet officials respond to YG Entertainment’s “missing invitation” to this year’s award show

Mnet officials in charge of the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) have responded to YG Entertainment’recent statement regarding their missing invitation to the show.

In the morning of October 13th, an official said, “We are currently preparing to hold the ‘2015 MAMA’ in Hong Kong on December 2nd, at the end of the month we will start collecting votes for the nominations, we are currently making the plans for the performances of the show.”

They continue to say that this year’s MAMA is open to all of the artists who were active in 2015 and are currently preparing to create the best stage for viewers and fans.

Regarding YG Entertainment’s recent statement in which they said, ““There has been no official recruit attempts for YG artists including BIGBANG. Since it is usual for these preparations to begin well before 2 months from the event, it is unclear whether YG artists will be showing at the ‘2015 MAMA.’ It is odd how no talks of appearance or the stage itself has yet to be brought up,” Mnet responds:

“I don’t know why this kind of talk has surfaced at such an early stage,” and continues to add that they will continue to do their best to bring the best collaboration stages this year.

2015 MAMA will take place on December 2nd in Hong Kong.

Source: E-Daily