Mnet Announces Next Season Of “Produce 101” Series

Here’s everything we know:

The Korean cable channel, Mnet, has announced that they are currently in the production process of the next season of the Produce 101 series.

The contestants of this season, which will be called Produce X101, will begin living in the dorms from early March.

The applicants of Produce X101 will begin living together in dorms during early March.

ㅡ Mnet employee


This season will also be directed by PD Ahn Joon Young, who produced all 3 seasons of the program. The production staff is reportedly working hard to launch the program within April after the applicants enter dorms on March 6.

The production staff has been accepting applications since the end of last year and the qualifications for applicants are male trainees born before March 2005. The number of accepted applicants will be larger than in previous seasons.


The Produce 101 series is a survival program that aims to debut idol trainees based on a competitive ranking system. The last episode of Season 2 recorded an audience rating of 5.197% (according to Nielson Korea) and remains the most popular idol survival program of its kind.


Idols who have previously debuted through the program including I.O.I (Season 1), the recently-disbanded Wanna One (Season 2) and IZ*ONE (Season 4) have and continue to retain a big following from fans and viewers of the program.

Source: Starin