Mnet prepares to launch biggest girl group trainee program Korea has ever seen

Korean cable channel Mnet will launch the biggest girl group project we have seen so far this year. 

According to a music industry official, Mnet has been secretly been preparing a debut project called PRODUCE 101 that is set to launch this September.

PRODUCE 101 will be Korea’s first multi-agency girl group project to ever take place as 101 female trainees are chosen from different agencies to compete against one another with the TOP 10 trainees forming a unit group and debut. According to the exclusive report published by My Daily, large agencies such as SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment has opted out to participate in the upcoming project.

The project will take place over the course of a year and the winning trainees will win the chance to not only debut, but temporarily promote under Mnet until they are able to debut under their own label.

Undoubtedly, there has been a peaking interest in trainee survival programs such as Who Is Next: WIN, MIX & MATCH, NO.MERCY, and currently, SIXTEENHowever, PRODUCE 101 is the biggest yet as over 90 trainees will be dropped during the year-long competition.

[+792, -12] Dozens of kids will be eliminated… it’s upsetting to think of the kids who won’t debut

[+694, -38] What is this.. Sounds like AKB48…. Is our country copying Japan now……

[+502, -8] Is this..real..

[+449, -3] Just thinking of all the kids who will be eliminated, so many..

[+53, -5] Everytime I see things like this, it reminds me of that girl who was eliminated from KARA and committed suicide;;; How can they eliminated dozens of them out of 101 without care.

Source: My Daily