Mnet responds to online voting manipulation controversy against “M! Countdown”

Mnet M! Countdown released an official statement with regards to the faulty online voting controversy involving EXO and BIGBANG

After much speculation involving the faulty online system, a representative of M! Countdown revealed that “There was an error in communication in the process of delivering the same situation.” 

The fault was discovered in the poll provided by Mnet Japan. After the polls closed at 9am, it was discovered that it had remained open causing for the voting figures to change.

According to Mnet Japan, the online voting system was checked and it was discovered that voting continued in China after the polls closed. Currently, they are making the necessary modifications and will be discussed with their Korean representatives. The statement continued with their stance to provide stronger measures to prevent online voting manipulation in the future.

This was a response after accusations pertaining to BIGBANG’s win against EXO led fans to discover that possible faulty online voting system or rig happened during the voting period. As the controversy started, Mnet initially assured that although the voting polls remained open, only the figures taken by the deadline were reflected into the actual voting result.

Source: NoCutNews