Mnet Criticized For Attempting To Start Fan Wars With Upcoming Reality Show “ROAD TO MAX”

“It’s like a K-Pop version of The Hunger Games…”

It is well known that Mnet has a history of creating shows that can sometimes cause controversy. Whether it is series like ProduceKingdomGirls Planet 999, and even the recent Queendom 2 series, Mnet has been accused of evil-editing and portraying idols in a less than positive light for views.

The cast of “Queendom 2” | Mnet

Recently, Mnet released information on a new reality series that has gained a lot of negative responses from netizens. On April 21, it was announced that a new show called ROAD TO MAX would be coming soon.

The advert for “ROAD TO MAX” | Mnet

Although the description is vague, the website explains that the show is based on the fandoms of groups and promoting their favorite artists. According to articles about the show, the premise of the show is to help artists to appear on schedules, including the music show COUNTDOWN, KCON, and the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).

| Mnet

As soon as the information was revealed and the Twitter account for the new show was opened, it was met with a lot of negative responses from netizens worldwide. In particular, in an industry with so many groups and fans, it seems to promote the idea of fan wars as fandoms battle to showcase their supremacy and popularity to give their idols opportunities.

While others shared their worry that a show like this would just serve to showcase the privileges of idols under big companies, compared to those who might not have the same opportunities.

In particular, they shared their worries that talent will be overlooked and it will instead seem like a popularity contest, with emphasis on Mnet trying to create shows to get ratings rather than focusing on the talent of K-Pop idols.

Yet, it isn’t the first time Mnet has been criticized for trying to emphasize popularity over talent when it comes to their reality shows. Back in 2020, the company was criticized when it aired Road To Kingdom as, unlike the Kingdom show, acts were eliminated based on their performances but also votes by viewers.

In particular, one of the most experienced groups in the lineup was Golden Child but they were eliminated first, which many fans thought was due to their fandom being smaller.

The members of Golden Child during “Road To Kingdom” | @GoldenChild/ Twitter

After the news was released, netizens shared their negative feelings towards Mnet with the creation of all these shows which, seemingly are aimed to pit fandoms against each other rather than promoting a united community of netizens.

Considering that the show hasn’t even started, the response from netizens has been overwhelming. While some point out that they will do their best for their favorite artists, the overwhelming majority seem to be against the idea, with many even wanting to boycott the show.

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