Mnet Says That “Queendom” Will Have No Evil Editing And Fandom Wars

They said they will keep it fair.

Mnet‘s Queedom held their showcase in August 26, 2019. The show centers around five girl groups and one soloist having a comeback at the same day, with the winner being chosen from votes from the audience and the public.

During the showcase, PD Cho recalled Produce X 101‘s controvery with rigged voting. He reassures fans that this will not be the case and will be showing unbiased data. Voting will be done in a similiar fashion: text voting.

PD Cho also made sure to reassure fans by saying they will not try and illicit fans wars with the program.

I will do my best to make sure the program does not disturb the fans of the six groups and nothing will go over the line.

With this, he made sure to promise that there will be no evil editing for the program.

There will be no evil editing. Please expect a fun program with good editing. You may be worried, but I’ll show you that these worries are unneeded. I’ll make it a beautiful fesitivity for these six girl groups.

Source: Naver