Mnet’s Newest Survival Show, “Artistock Game,” Receives Heat For Comparing Contestants Like B.A.P’s Zelo To Stocks

They must receive an “investment.”

Mnet is gearing up for the release of their newest survival program, Artistock Game. Premiering on October 3, Artistock Game relies on a new concept where singers become “stocks,” and they can only appear on stage if they receive an “investment” from the audience.

Viewers from around the world will receive virtual game money that they can then use to invest in the talents of the participating idols. Only those with the highest value will be allowed to perform on stage.

The concept is similar to popular light novel and manhwa Debut Or Die, which follows the life of a man who, at the cost of his life, joins a survival program that also treats contestants like stocks.

“Debut Or Die” manhwa poster

A total of 48 male and female contestants will compete against each other to receive the chance to debut again.

| Mnet

Out of the dozens of singers, several names may ring a bell, like former B.A.P. member Zelo

| Mnet

Lovelyz Kei

| Mnet

Weki Meki‘s Ji Suyeon

| Mnet

…and soloist Anda.

| Mnet

After news of the survival program was released, netizens began criticizing it for being “dehumanizing,” with many claiming that the contestants are being objectified. Others have asked, “Where are our human rights heading towards?” and “Do they have a survival fetish?

Additionally, one of the show’s taglines as seen in their teaser is, “Now on sale,” furthering the narrative that the contestants are being treated like commodities.

| @Mnet TV/YouTube

Meanwhile, watch the preview for Episode 1 below.

Source: Mnet and theqoo
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