MNH Entertainment To Take Legal Action Regarding Allegations Made About 8TURN’s Myungho

They will not be taking this lightly.

8TURN’s Myungho announced his official position regarding the school violence allegations posted online. MNH Entertainment released an official statement through the fan cafe.

Recently, false information, including malicious slander, has been circulating online about Myungho. It is clear that the information posted online is false, as we have checked and cross-checked the facts in various ways. As a result, the reputation of his name is being damaged.

We are taking legal action by requesting a case with the legal representative to protect our artist’s name from posts regarding defamation, slander, and false facts. Even after this time, we will continue to conduct legal action and seek strict responsibility for all actions posted online.

We will respond strongly with punishment without leniency to malicious posts and comments beyond malicious expansion, encouragement of interpretation, or a simple expression of opinions.

Recently, a netizen’s post claiming that Myungho had bullied them was posted on social media. On the other hand, Myungho debuted as a member of the rookie group 8TURN and is promoting their debut album, 8TURNRISE.

Source: newsen