Model Han Hye Jin Turns Off Her Instagram Comments Amid Backlash Over Her Vogue Korea’s “Blue House” Pictorial

Vogue Korea has since deleted all traces of the photoshoot.

Fashion model Han Hye Jin and Vogue Korea are being criticized for their recent “Blue House” pictorial.

Han Hye Jin | Vogue Korea

On August 22, Vogue Korea released a pictorial featuring Han Hye Jin and other models against the backdrop of the former “Blue House,” Korea’s former executive office and former residential home of the Korean president.

The pictorial features Han Hye Jin and other models posing in different wings of the Blue House, as well as its formal reception hall and garden.

A different model posing in the Blue House |

The pictorial, however well intended, was perceived poorly and immediately subject to backlash. One of the points of contention was the fact that an outfit by a Japanese designer was featured. Netizens stated it was inappropriate for a Japanese designer to be featured in a photoshoot at one of Korea’s most historical landmarks.

| Vogue Korea

| Vogue Korea

Another point of criticism was that the “Hanbok” dresses that were featured in the pictorial were not traditional. Many netizens disowned the dresses in the pictorial as not Hanbok.

Park Sool Nyeo | MBC

If you wear a western dress and put on traditional Korean shoes, does that make the dress a Hanbok? It’s a shame that they chose those outfits in such a symbolic place. To say precisely, it is heartbreaking.

— Park Sool Nyeo, Hanbok Designer

As the controversy grew, with criticisms being pointed to Han Hye Jin and Vogue Korea, the model has turned her comments off on her Instagram.

Vogue Korea has since deleted the pictorial. They did not provide a statement as to why and if they would be re-releasing them.

Han Hye Jin is a fashion model and TV personality. She is one of Korea’s most decorated models, having worked with the world’s most renowned designers. She has since transitioned as a TV personality, best known for her stint on popular shows Witch Hunt and I Live Alone.

Source: YTN