Model Lee Hye Jung accused of wearing an inappropriate dress during a wedding

Netizens has swarmed around model Lee Hye Jung‘s inconsiderate wedding guest outfit.

On the afternoon of May 29th (KST), Korea’s top model Jang Yoon Joo tied a knot to a 4-year-junior industrial designer at Somang Church in Seoul. Accord

The wedding ceremony took place in pious and quiet manner with Lee Juck singing the ceremonial song. After the wedding, Jang Yoon Joo released several photos as well as a message for the fans through her agency, as she stated, “Thankful for everyone’s congratulations. As many blessings are there, we will live happily together.”

Among 700 wedding attendees, Lee Hye Jung has garnered much attention for wearing an inappropriate outfit as a wedding guest. Many netizens were unhappy about her poor wardrobe choice, check out what some of the comments had to say:

1. [+1,433, -37] Hul… that doesn’t seem right..

2. [+1,421, -42] She’s a model, shouldn’t she know how to dress herself according to different occasions?

3. [+1,339, -44] Hul… not only is she wearing white fashion but purposely also wearing black underwear.. She’s hopeless. Does she think she’s a fashionista for dressing like this? Being fashionable is all about dressing according to the occasion, tsk. Dumb in the head..

4. [+103, -3] You can see her panties. Doesn’t even make her look sexy either..

5. [+102, -2] Hul.. as if the dress being see through isn’t bad enough, the dress is white.. and her shoes are slip ons.. what was she thinking? Does she hate Jang Yoon Joo?

6. [+91, -3] Doesn’t look right in the head

7. [+81, -0] I’m sure there are lots of adults there.. a wedding hall is no swimming pool to be wearing this in.

8. [+77, -1] Does she want to steal the show from the bride? What’s wrong with her

9. [+67, -0] An outfit like this would be controversial at any other event… at a wedding no less. I get that wearing suits are boring at weddings but come on;;;

10. [+63, -1] She’s nuts, you can see her panties

Lee Hye Jung

Jang Yoon Joo wedding photos

Source: Hankook IlboStar News, Star News via Nate