Model Lee Soo Hyuk Is Going Viral For His Hilarious Attempt At Using G-Dragon As A Decoy To Slip Away

Did he succeed?

G-Dragon‘s close friend and travel buddy Lee Soo Hyuk is making news after attempting to sneak away behind his bestie at the airport.

G-Dragon (left) and Lee Soo Hyuk (right) | @leesoohyuk/Instagram

G-Dragon and Lee Soo Hyuk arrived in Korea on October 4 after recently enjoying the best Paris Fashion Week had to offer. The two had previously made news for leaving for Paris together, proving their years-long friendship is still stronger than ever.

| @t_o_p_class/Twitter

Upon G-Dragon’s arrival, a mass of fans gathered around the star, taking pictures and handing him letters. G-Dragon can be seen accepting the letters and bowing to fans and members of the media.

Amid the crowd of fans, however, one member of G-Dragon’s entourage can be seen darting out of the airport and running to his transport. A number of fans and members of the media can be seen running after the gentleman, eventually catching up to him to reveal that the man was none other than model Lee Soo Hyuk.

Lee Soo Hyuk, knowing the impasse G-Dragon’s arrival would create, smartly used the distraction to run out of the airport. Although he didn’t go undetected, his plan was largely successful as he arrived before G-Dragon and his fans.

Netizens reacted to the model’s daring escape, largely praising the model for his cunningness. Many netizens found the incident hilarious and stated it was a testament to their friendship.

  • “Ah! Did he think he could just slip away unnoticed with his height? LOL. You can tell they are really close.”
  • “Now that is what you call a friend.”
  • “Can’t they film a vlog together? I wonder how they talk to one another, LOL.”
  • “Mr. Lee Soo Hyuk, did you think you could hide with your height?”
  • “I can imagine how they’d play in real life, LOL. They’re cute.”
  • “They give off middle school BFF vibes, LOL. Cute.”
  • “They’re the definition of close friends.”
  • “I am a stan of their friendship.”
Source: Wikitree, Nate Pann and Newsen TV/YouTube
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