Top Model Spends Ridiculous Amount Of Money To Keep Her Signature Blonde Hair

Just imagine what I could do with all that money!

Korean model Soojoo captured the international modeling world by storm for her looks, style and her trademark blonde locks. 

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She has appeared in major companies such as Chanel, MAC, Michael Kors, Tom Ford and more. 


But it seems like maintaining such hairstyle comes with a price… 

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A very pricey one, in fact. 

“Cost of dyeing my hair blonde? At least one month rent price.”

— Soojoo 


The amount surprised everyone. According to Soojoo, however, she dyes her hair once a month and explained that she puts a lot of care on taking care of her scalp. It was also pointed out there is only one particular colorist in charge of blonde hair in the United States. 

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During this Radio Star appearance, she also added that she aims to not only focus on fashion but also double her efforts in making new attempts on the runway such as body paint and vacuum pack performance. 


It seems like having such a trademark look comes with a very hefty price. You do you, Soojoo! 

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Source: MBN