Model goes viral for letting man grab her breasts in public…now she may face 7 years in jail

She could face jail time for public indecency.

A Taiwanese model could face jail time after a video she posted of herself being willingly groped in public went viral.

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The video was posted to Youtube last week and features the model, known as Yui Yui, being groped at various locations around Hong Kong.

Thanks to the busty model’s 50,000 social media followers, it spread like wildfire and has been viewed more than 90,000 times.


According to lawyers, Yiu Yiu could face up to seven years in jail for her video due to it’s violation of the “Outraging Public Decency” act.

The law states, “The offence is intended to prevent the corruption of the mind and the destruction or erosion of values of decency, morality and good order.”


The video begins in a house. The person holding the camera, presumably a man, gestures for Yiu Yiu to come over. When he cups and begins squeezing her breasts, she smiles and laughs.


The setting changes to a bus, a busy street where people can be seen walking by, and a crowded platform at a train station.


Hong Kong parents are outraged, complaining it is setting a bad example for youth, while netizens are calling Yiu Yiu “shameful.”

Yui Yui is no stranger to sexual images as most of her pictures and videos on Instagram feature her assets front and centre.


Watch the full video below:

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