This Mom Ahgase Exposed Her Inner Fangirl When She Admitted She Wanted Her Daughter To Marry GOT7

Her daughter doesn’t really want to though.

Jungjin, a mom Ahgase, visited Seo Janghoon and Lee Su-Geun‘s Unpredictable Fortunetellers with a unique problem: she wanted her daughter to marry GOT7.

| got7.with.igot7/Instagram

The mom humorously shared that it was because she herself couldn’t marry them, so she hopes her daughter, who is 15 years younger than GOT7‘s maknae Yugyeom, can do so.


She went on to explain that it was because the GOT7 members are friendly, and have a “great personality, and they’re so nice.” Her daughter on the other hand, was not interested. Probably because marriage is much farther in the future for her.