Woman Arrested For Throwing Her 9-Month-Old Baby Out The Apartment Window After Fighting With Her Boyfriend

She threw him from a 5 story window.

A woman identified as “A” was arrested after she murdered her 9-month-old son by throwing him out the apartment building window. The 36-year-old woman was arrest by the Gwangju Police after a neighbor discovered her moments after she threw her baby.

According to police investigations, the woman lived with her boyfriend in an apartment in Gwangju. That morning, she had a fight with her boyfriend because he “wouldn’t take care of the crying baby.” Out of anger, she took the baby and left the apartment. When she later returned, she forgot the new passcode to their apartment and couldn’t get back inside.

Furious, she threw her son out of the 5th-floor window of the apartment’s corridor.

A neighbor found the woman alone and found the sudden disappearance of the baby strange. The neighbor asked where the baby was, to which the woman replied, “I threw him outside.” Shocked by her confession, the neighbor immediately called for an ambulance and the police. The baby was rushed to the hospital but was soon pronounced dead.

The police arrested the woman and she later confessed that she threw her baby out the window because her boyfriend wouldn’t open the door for her.

I rang the doorbell and banged on the door, but [my boyfriend] wouldn’t open the door. I got angry so I threw my baby.

— Woman

The boyfriend was revealed to have a hearing impairment. He explained that he had taken his hearing aid out and fallen asleep after the girlfriend left their apartment. He claimed that he couldn’t hear the doorbell or the banging without the hearing aid. The woman was also revealed to have a level 3 mental disability.

The police are currently investigating further into the incident.

Source: YTN