Rapper Mommy Son Became Brand Model For Free Because Of This Heartwarming Reason

Netizens are impressed by his admirable decision.

Rapper Mommy Son has become a model for a rubber gloves brand that goes by the same name, and he did it for free!


On January 9, Mommy Son shared a post on his Instagram stating the news and the reason behind his decision.

“Mommy Son signed a contract for becoming the official brand model for the rubber gloves, Mommy Son. However, I signed the contract for free, without receiving any modeling fees! The reason is that…When I first visited the company for a meeting after receiving an offer from Mommy Son, I felt like I had just arrived at my grandmother’s home when I was little! The elderly who welcomed me with bright faces, the employees who made me instant coffee with shy smiles on their face, it felt like a big family!”

ㅡ Mommy Son


He continued to explain that the company embodied an admirable philosophy that the rapper was extremely impressed with!

“I was curious about who makes the rubber gloves of Mommy Son so I asked and found out that most of the employees had worked there for over 20 years, sometimes even 30 years. A company with employees who have been working for so long is rare in our country’s society where retirement is difficult and the so-called “overuse of power” is prevalent. I was very impressed with the words of the executives, who stated that they could not get rid of the elderly who have dedicated their youth to the company even if they were somewhat slower than the younger workers!”

ㅡ Mommy Son


Finally, he concluded by stating that the two Mommy Sons will continue to support each other and also indicated that although he didn’t receive modeling fees, the company gave him a big allowance like one that a grandfather gives a grandson.

“Mommy Son and Mommy Son will continue to support each other! PS) Like a grandfather gives to a grandchild who visits his home, Mommy Son gave me quite a big allowance and I will use this money a meaningful cause!”

ㅡ Mommy Son


Netizens have been praising the rapper for his admirable decision and expressed their support for both Mommy Sons:

  • “That’s amazing…”
  • “Mommy Son’s mindset is admirable, cool and he’s really fun too!”
  • “It’s about time for us to buy new rubber gloves and it’ll be Mommy Son this time!”
  • “I hope both Mommy Son and the Mommy Son company flourish^^”
  • “Let’s go buy some rubber gloves~”
  • “This is so heartwarming and amazing. And a thankful action!”


Meanwhile, Mommy Son participated in Mnet’s Show Me the Money 777 and didn’t make it to the preliminaries but gained recognition through his track “Boy Jump (소년점프).”

Source: Newsen