Momo Finally Defeats “Eagle Eyed” Dahyun With This One Instagram Pic

Momo might be the first to catch this moment.

Momo recently updated the group’s TWICEtagram, and to the shock of fans, caught Dahyun in a candid photo…without her looking right at the camera!

This is seriously a momentous occasion because I don’t think we had any instance in recent memory where Dahyun didn’t realize a camera was pointed at her.

As ONCEs know, Dahyun has a “sixth sense” about when cameras are point at her…even in extreme distances.

So the fact that Momo caught her unawares is a big deal for ONCEs.

Some of our favorite responses to this record-breaking moments include:

We wonder if Dahyun will consider this as something that “doesn’t count” or if Momo will be the first to hold the title of “Eagle Eyed Camera Slayer”.


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