MOMIDACHAE’s Performance Has ONCEs Begging For A Sexier Concept For TWICE

The quartet captured the sexy vibe of the song perfectly.

MOMIDACHAE is an unofficial subunit of TWICE containing members Momo, Mina, Dahyun and Chaeyoung. The quartet performed an incredible cover of “Move” by Taemin at Music Bank in Hong Kong recently. ONCEs were blown away by the sexy charms of these four members.

They captured the effortless and androgynous dance moves of Taemin very well.

The choreography is haunting and every move is intentionally laborious.

After seeing the sexy performance of these four members, ONCE are wondering why JYP doesn’t give all of TWICE the opportunity to show off alternate charms by giving the full group a comeback with a sexy concept.

TWICE usually go for cuter concepts because it’s what has worked so far but if these four members can pull a more risque concept off effortlessly then why not give all members the chance to do so? ONCEs are crying out for a sexier comeback or perhaps even making this subunit an official thing.

TWICE also uploaded a dance practice for the performance but the quality is low. Still, you can watch it below: