MOMOLAND’s Daisy And Taeha Still Absent, Fans Want Statement From Agency

Fans are imploring MLD Entertainment to show these absent members.

Concerned MOMOLAND fans are all asking the same question, “Where are Daisy and Taeha?”


Both members are currently on hiatus, due to undisclosed personal and health reasons. On March 20, MOMOLAND made their comeback as a 7-member group with their album, Show Me.


It’s been seven months since the album dropped, and there’s still no sign of Daisy and Taeha. Recently, fans have begun tweeting the hashtag #ShowMeDaisyAndTaeha in the hopes that MLD Entertainment will release a statement.


Some fans became concerned for Daisy and Taeha’s wellbeing after seeing this Instagram post, allegedly written by Daisy’s mother.


Fans are hoping that MOMOLAND’s agency will speak up soon and put their minds at ease.