Filipino MC Disrespects MOMOLAND During Fan Meeting, Later Issues Official Apology

Fans were enraged by his behavior.

Filipino entertainer and entrepreneur Tim Yap was under fire recently after his alleged mistreatment towards MOMOLAND during their recent fan event in the Philippines. 


MOMOLAND was in the country to attend a private event and fan meeting hosted by Tim Yap’s marketing company, Frontrow International. 


Although the turn out was well received, some fans present in the event pointed out a few inappropriate jokes made by the host.


He was heard slipping back and forth to Filipino while talking to the members and was heard commenting, “Anong na hithit nito? (What did this one take?)” and “siraulo (crazy)” during the members’ fan games during the event. 


Some fans were not happy about the incident and demanded an apology from the host and entertainer. 


Tim Yap issued this statement on his personal Twitter account earlier today. He apologized for his behavior and took it as a learning curve in future events. 


Local Merries seem to have taken his apology to heart and hoped that such disrespect won’t happen to the members while in the country ever again.