Former MOMOLAND’s Jane Firmly Denies Allegations Of Her Past Relationship With SEVENTEEN’s Joshua

She shut down the rumors.

On August 8, 2023, an online community post user accused SEVENTEEN’s Joshua of previously dating a girl group member. People were quick to guess that it was former MOMOLAND’s Jane.

The post named the alleged girlfriend as a less popular member of a girl group with a small domestic fandom. They had only a few hit songs, but little popularity. They recalled that these rumors were already present back in the day, but did not hit the fan as Joshua was a less popular member then.

The post brought up three pieces of “evidence” that fans used back then.

  • The SEVENTEEN members allegedly looked at Joshua whenever Jane appeared on stage during their year-end ceremony performances.
  • Both groups were all at the seats meant for the idols to sit at, but Jane suddenly went towards the waiting rooms. When she did, Joshua soon followed suit.
  • After that, fans spotted a stuffed toy in Jane’s room during a reality show filmed at their dorms. The same stuffed toy was also in Joshua’s room.

After the post became a hot topic, MOMOLAND’s Jane quickly uploaded a clarification. She firmly denied any relation to Joshua at all, and expressed her bewilderment at being linked to him.

Jane’s clarification. | Instiz

Today too, I searched my name without any hesitancy.

I don’t know what to say because this is something so awkward and I am quite cautious about it… But I wanted to at least tell my fans… So, I’m daring to say a few words.

Everyone, I’ve never ever met the person in question privately, during my time as a celebrity. Not even once. I’ve also never met anyone around him, and he’s someone I have absolutely no connection to. But I’ve no clue why this keeps coming back up, from a few years back, to now. I have no clue about this. My face is probably like Jo Se Ho’s [when he made the meme] “I don’t know about this so how can I go?”

I knew that there were rumors about this since the past, and back then, many fans even called the company about it, so much so that even my company misunderstood. After that, whenever this was brought up, I could truly say with a hand on my heart and zero embarrassment, that smoke indeed comes without any fire. That’s how I blew it off easily.

But because I didn’t do anything, people took advantage of that and it became an established fact. Now, I hate, hate, hate for anything to be misunderstood, so that’s why I’m speaking up, out of sadness and feeling unfair. Thank you.

— Jane

With that, hopefully all rumors can be put to rest.

Source: Instiz