MOMOLAND’s JooE Opens Up About The Recent Departure Of 3 Members And Their Newly Formed Group

The group now promotes as 6 members.

MOMOLAND‘s JooE recently sat down for an interview where she opened up about the new year and how the group had to reform after 3 members’ departure.

MOMOLAND had been promoting for the majority of their career as 9 members. But with the departure of Yeonwoo, Taeha, and Daisy, JooE confessed that they feel “burdened“.

It would be a lie to say we don’t feel burdened by it. Instead of setting new goals, we believe that we should just always work hard.

— JooE

But she vowed that the group is looking forward to the new year, She explained, “We will work harder this year to show different kinds to ourselves in the new year.

She also decided to use the new change to the group as a launching point to also grow as an individual artist. She confessed that she’s felt apologetic to her fans for not showing a diverse side to her image but hopes it will change starting this year.

I want to become someone who can show all different kinds of sides. I’m sorry that I’m always the same and show only the same side to myself.

— JooE

When asked which artist she idolizes for her career, JooE named IU. She feels inspired by IU’s beauty, talent, and distinct opinions and control when it comes to music.

IU is of course very pretty and sings well, but I’m inspired by her distinct opinions and thoughts when it comes to music.

— JooE

MOMOLAND made their first comeback as a newly reorganized 6-member group with “Thumbs Up”. Check out their music video to celebrate the bright future of MOMOLAND and JooE!

Source: Star News