MOMOLAND’s JooE Accused Of Bullying, Agency Responds

Her agency made a statement to clear up the rumors.

MOMOLAND‘s JooE has been accused of bullying her classmates in school, but her agency has swiftly responded to the accusations.

An anonymous discussion on Facebook accused JooE of a dark past.

Translation of the Facebook post.

The posts have been taken down since it went viral.

She was accused of being a bully that would physically abuse classmates.

Translation of the Facebook post.

The posts also talked about her alleged rude personality and how JooE’s parents reacted when they were told about their daughter’s alleged dark side.

Translation of the Facebook post.

MOMOLAND’s agency, DUBLEKICK COMPANY, has come forward with an official statement and strongly denied the rumors and accusations.

They also announced that they will be taking legal action against all defamation posts regarding their artist.

“Hello, this is JooE’s official agency, DUBLEKICK COMPANY.

We are here to announce our official statement regarding the completely false rumors regarding our artist.

Currently, in various online communities, various malicious, false rumors are spreading. These rumors are about JooE’s alleged bullying past during her schooldays.

We want to clearly state that the rumors are absolutely false. Our girls work very hard every second for their dreams and we have decided enough is enough…

We will not stand idly to see these girls get hurt over these false rumors. Making up rumors, spreading these rumors, any malicious activity will be dealt with legally.

Please love MOMOLAND’s JooE; we want to sincerely thank everyone who’s been concerned about her and supported her.

Thank you very much.”


Source: Sports Donga