Fans Are Confused Between MOMOLAND’s JooE And IZ*ONE’s Jang Wonyoung In These Set Of Photos

Do you see it?

During the “PANORAMA” era, IZ*ONE‘s Wonyoung often sported the half-updo, making it somewhat of a trademark hair for her.

With the regal-looking fancy stage outfits for the concept, people have come to associate that image with Wonyoung. During a recent performance for a year-end stage, MOMOLAND member JooE draw attention for how similar she looked to Wonyoung.

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Not only was the hairstyle similar, her overall face shape and makeup made her look extremely alike to the baby giant. A post on an online forum discussed that the two were practically carbon copies of each other in this performance.

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Although the OP mentioned just how alike the two looked, other comments chalked it up to the hair and styling.

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Regardless of whether the two look alike or not, one thing’s for sure – both of them are absolutely gorgeous and talented!

Source: pann