MOMOLAND’s Nancy Reveals Her Ideal Type And What Kind Of Person She’s Looking For In A Partner

She knows exactly what she wants!

MOMOLAND‘s Nancy sat down for an interview with bnt magazine where she opened up about her ideal type and what she’s looking for in her significant other!

Now that Nancy entered her 20s (in Korean age), she has a better idea of who she is and what she wants. She first revealed, “I’m bright and laugh a lot. My close friends often tell me that I’m cute.

And who wouldn’t fall immediately in love with the bright and cheerful Nancy?!

So who is she looking for in a partner? She’s looking for someone with a similar vibe!

I like people who’s pretty when they laugh and people who are fun. People with confidence are attractive to me.

— Nancy

Nancy also confessed that she wants someone who can fulfill parts where she feels lacking. She explained, “One of my biggest concerns these days is that I don’t have a hobby. I’m envious of people who have their own hobbies.

What lucky person will win the heart of Nancy? If you love to laugh, have fun, and have self confidence, you may just have a chance!

Source: Kyunghyang and NBN News